Is it your presence at the table or the food on your plate that interests him?

In a session with a client who was interested in changing her eating habits in order to improve her health issues, she mentioned that she eats what her husband likes to eat when he’s home from working away even though that’s not what she eats when she’s by herself.

When she’s by herself, the foods she chooses are the ones that really make her feel healthy and vibrant.  When she cooks and eats what her husband likes, her digestion and moods start to pay a price.

My question to her was – Is it your presence at the table or what’s on your plate that interests him?

I think it’s important that we ask ourselves this question especially if we are choosing to improve our health by nourishing our bodies with food that works for us and we have to make meals for others in our household that don’t want to follow our new choices.

We, women, are natural nourishers and are often the ones in charge of feeding the family.  In fact, that role begins when we become pregnant.  Yet, it’s becoming more and more noticable as time goes on, that women are paying the price for being the nourishers/support for others on many levels.

More and more digestive issues are showing up.  More and more “auto-immune” issues are being reported to me by my clients.  And, interestingly enough, more and more women are making the decision to change that for themselves – which does require a change in habitual food choices that are often related to eating what you grew up on or eating what your significant other likes or eating for convenience.

So, again, back to the question Is it your presence at the table or what’s on your plate that interests him?

When we realize that family dinners are more about companionship, relationship and a time to communicate and share experiences as well as nourish our bodies, then, what’s on our individual plates should be a personal preference.

And, if your preference is to eat something totally different from everyone else at the table for your own reasons, then, do it.  Don’t sabotage your journey to great health by falling back into habits or conformity.  Don’t worry about what others think or have to say.  Remind yourself why you are doing this – for your own health – not theirs.

Some people will make comments, either supportive or non-supportive, as to what you have on your plate. It doesn’t matter as long as you remember why you are making this new way of nourishing yourself key to your growth.

As to preparing meals, get creative with how you can fix both what you’d rather be eating and what the other people in your family like.  At first, you might feel like you are preparing 2 separate meals but, I bet it won’t be long before your family or significant other will be wanting what’s on your plate!

And, just keep in mind, that your presence at the table is way more important than your choice of what’s on your plate to your family while at the same time as what’s on your plate is important to your health and your growth.  Choose for you!!







You are what you eat – How to fine-tune your diet with ease!

Yup, we hear this comment all the time from everyone – you are what you eat.  But, are you eating for you or are you eating for the masses?  What do I mean by that?

What I mean by that question is simply that each and every one of us has a unique metabolism, has unique digestive issues, has unique genetics, has unique health issues.

We ARE unique so what is good for someone else might be a toxin for you AND what you can eat in the morning might give you gas in the evening.  There are many variables in this nutrition game.

Often, I hear the frustration of clients who are wanting to turn their health around through nutrition.  They are confused and overwhelmed by the never-ending and increasing amount of, often, contradictory information on what’s good nutrition and what foods are the best for whatever ails you.

There’s Paleo, Vegan, vegetarian, raw food, thyroid diets, metabolic diets and so much more.  Add in detoxes and it’s no wonder people give up in frustration and stick with what they are eating even though they are feeling like crap.

So, here’s my suggestion and solution – it’s been working for me but, then, I’m on my own so it’s easy.

MUSCLE OR ENERGY TEST EVERYTHING you put in your mouth.  This is what I do 85% of the time unless I’m truly needing to heal something.  Then, it’s 100% until the healing is complete.  I do this for food and for supplements.

The biggest push back against this suggestion I get is that the person needing to make changes is cooking for a family or a spouse and, if they started doing this, they would have to prepare 2 meals every time.  In truth, they are right, maybe, but the funny thing is that the rest of the family or the spouse would probably benefit from the cook’s muscle tested choices.

Regardless of how you approach this and make it work for your unique situation, I would suggest that the first step in changing your nutrition for the better (especially if you have any health concerns – however big or small) is to take the following out of your diet right away (this list is courtesy of Anthony William – Medical Medium) or start reducing until it’s out:

  • dairy (clogs the lymphatic system – think of clogged sewer lines – and is filled with bovine hormones)
  • eggs (feeds any viruses you have hiding in your organs/glands/nerves and are hormonal balls)
  • gluten (hard for most people to digest)
  • corn (most corn is GM0)
  • soy
  • pork (go back to the bible on this one)
  • farmed fish (too much disease in them now)
  • canola oil (impossible for us to digest)
  • processed beet sugar (the word ‘processed’ is key)
  • all preservatives
  • all artificial flavors
  • all natural flavors (MSG in disguise)
  • MSG
  • artificial sweeteners
  • citric acid (the additive)

Here’s what to avoid with supplements:

  • L-carnitine
  • glandular supplements
  • whey protein (made with dairy)
  • fish oil supplements (use plant-based omega’s)
  • iron supplements

Most people find it daunting to change their diets – especially the dairy and eggs – however, removing those two plus reducing your gluten intake will give you the biggest bang for your buck in turning around your health.  I laugh when I’m told “Well, there goes my breakfast! What am I supposed to eat now?”  And, I say, “Everything else that grows in the ground or comes off a tree! Become friends with fruit and veggies.”

The trick to easing dairy out is to eat lots of sweet fruit and some nuts as these replace the lactose (sugar) and the fat content that comes from dairy.  When I made took out dairy, eggs and most gluten, I became 17 lbs lighter and haven’t gained an ounce back after 6 months.  Plus my sinuses cleared up, nerve pain went away and joints quit hurting.

The absolute best resource for helping you get used to more fruits and vegetables – and herbs and wild foods – is to buy the book  “Life Changing Foods” by Anthony William.  It’s one I recommend to everyone and it’s the book that seems to jump off the shelf into the hands of anyone who needs it.


This book gives a more colourful account of the healing benefits of some of the more common foods – the micronutrients and phytochemicals provided, the organs, glands and tissues supported by ingesting these foods.  Plus, there’s a section that tells you what conditions or symptoms you might have that these foods will help heal.

In addition, and this is what I love, there’s a section on the emotional support a food will give you and the spiritual lesson that you are processing.  With the occasional recipe thrown in to get you started, it’s a treasure!

Now, if you don’t know how to muscle test for foods, here is a video that makes it fun and easy!

Please try this.  Start with testing the foods in your cupboard and fridge just out of curiosity.  Be willing to let go of anything that gives you a BIG NO!  Try making a meal just using only the foods that you test positive for in the moment.

When I do this, I test for which foods my body wants based on what I have available and, for fun, will test how much of each my body wants plus how to eat it – raw or cooked or a mix – and which herbs to add to the pot for flavor.  Each time I do this, the meal is awesome!

Knowing which supplements you need, which brand you suits you best, how many to take in a day and for how long is as easy as muscle testing yourself each step of the way.

Still don’t believe it will work?  Then, pay attention to what this woman had to say about healing her allergies by muscle testing everything!

Now, go!  Muscle test your way to splendid health!



Energy Medicine is not an option anymore – it’s a necessity!

With auto-immune disorders on the rise, with the health care system being unable to supply answers or cures for these and with more people being dissatisfied with being prescribed more and more drugs, Energy Medicine, according to Donna Eden, is no longer an option – it’s a necessity! So much so that it is the second component of Your Unique Health Plan.

Using the principles of energy medicine, you can optimize your body’s natural capacity to heal itself and stay healthy. You can bring renewed stamina to a tired body, fresh vitality to a weary mind and a new bounce to a sagging spirit.

There are many modalities that come under the umbrella of Energy Medicine or Energy Healing and I will introduce you to the ones that I am familiar with and that I love to work with in my clinic and to teach clients how to use at home.

Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine involves balancing the energy systems of the body – the primary ones being the meridians, the chakras and the aura plus the electrics, the Celtic Weave, the Basic Grid, the Five Rythms, Triple Warmer and the Radiant Circuits.

Energy runs in these established patterns and these can be tapped on, traced, drawn on, woven in the air or just imagined back into balance.

Here is the Five Minute Energy Routine developed by Donna Eden and I would recommend checking her YouTube channel for many more routines and her website for tons more free resources.


The Sway Test – is one of the main things I insist everyone learn which can be used to check which foods are best for you and which are causing you issues – what supplements to take, how many and for how long – what emotions are clogging up your energy fields and causing tissue irritation or disease (used with the Emotion Code system – get the 7 part introductory video course).  This is simply tapping into your intuition on a deeper level.

Here is how to do the Sway Test.


Another form of Energy Healing that I use occasionally is Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Tapping.  Both involve tapping on specific meridian points that cause any blockages created by emotional trauma to be released.  Again, the tapping points are easy to learn and the benefits are immeasurable!

Thought Field Therapy

Emotional Freedom Tapping by Brad Yates (my favourite person for this)


Then, we move into another level of energy healing called Now Healing that operates on the premise that all energy is just bits and bites of information that occasionally gets tangled up creating blockages.  Once these energies are disentangled, they can be realigned and reintegrated back into Wholeness according to it’s creator Elma Mayer. It’s actually a very interesting method to use and works very well.  My clients always say they feel lighter after a round of this!

Here’s a video that explains it very well and gives you a free healing while you listen!  How does it get better than that?


Access Conciousness Bars is a hands on approach where certain points are held on the head to create healing within the body and mind.  Not only does clearing the Bars help with changing deeply held belief systems and thought patterns, the person receiving a session always experiences change in every level of their lives.

Here is a video that explains it beautifully – find someone near you to have yours run!  I do it in my clinic.


Beyond the above methods and techniques, I love practicing Qigong forms – my favorite being Spring Forest Qigong.  What I love is the simplicity – it takes very little time to learn it and everyone can do it. Here’s a video clip of part of the form and I would recommend going to to learn more about this healing practice.


There are many other forms of Energy Healing – like Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki – that you can explore.  The bottom line is that Energy Medicine is safe, natural and accessible and it is beginning to change the face of health care.

Take confidence in the knowing that your body is designed to heal itself – it’s engineered so that if you tap into its healing force, that force will lead you toward health.  Use what you’ve learned here and prove it to yourself!

Your Unique Health Plan

I just reread my last post and realized that I’ve gone a little further in tweaking these steps and am creating something that I hope people will tap into called “Your Unique Health Plan” – a 6 component compilation of areas that one needs to work on in order to make lasting life-long change for health.


When it comes to making changes in your health, in truth, the starting point is your beliefs around health and healing.  This is not new information but is becoming a very important component in your ability to heal anything from a simple cold to a chronic illness.

So, what are your conscious and unconscious beliefs about your own health, your symptoms, any diagnosis you might have received, your family’s health history?

If you’ve been to see a medical professional, do you believe everything you are told?  Do you even question any of it?  Or simply fall into the belief pattern (this is a new one, by the way), that being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease means that your body is attacking itself.

Are your beliefs tied into your family’s beliefs about health?  Or are they tied into everything that’s been projected at us about what’s good for you and what’s not?

I guess what I’m saying here is that unless you examine your beliefs that might be blocking change, you won’t get change at all or you will get change initially and, then, revert back to old patterns.

Using systems like the Body Code/Emotion Code and Thought Field Therapy, it’s easy to dig deep and ferret out what keeps us stuck in loops and patterns of non-change and, then, to release these so that true, easy change can happen.

When I’m working with a client who is wanting to change a current health challenge and a belief block arises, I find most often that there is an underlying emotional component to the block.

But, one of the first questions I ask is “Truth, is this your belief?”

It is amazing how often the blocking belief isn’t even the client’s!  We forget that we are living internet systems that download a lot of information unintentionally and constantly  – information we get from mother, father, teacher, minister, doctor, media. And that we have a system called the unconscious or subconscious mind that stores all this information as looping thought patterns or beliefs.  When we entertain a new thought or are processing some new information given to us – say about our health – this new information is confronted by the old.  And the old will win out unless we ask the question “Is this my belief or someone else’s?”

To me, it’s not important to know where this belief came from – just that it’s not the client’s and we simply “Return to sender with consciousness attached”.  Yes, it can be that easy!

However, if it is the client’s, then, we investigate what’s holding the belief in place and will end up using the Emotion Code.  Once we hone in on the type of emotion (Trapped, Heart Wall or Emotional Resonance) and the emotion itself, it’s easy to release it.

Sometimes, there are many emotions holding a particular belief in place but once the underlying emotions are cleared, then, the belief has nothing to anchor it in the subconscious mind of the person and it’s gone!

To take this a little further, at this moment, I’m listening to Carolyn Myss’ audio series called “The Anatomy of Your Health – Essential Insights on the Hidden Causes of Illness and Healing”.  The chapter I’m currently listening to is called “Self esteem and the immune system”  where she says that your immune system is about your sense of power, your sense of feeling ok about yourself, your sense of feeling good that you can protect yourself and your own sense of vitality about your relationship to yourself.

Many of our known or unknown belief systems are based on fear mostly – not on power – are based on failure, are based on mistrust, are based on stress, based on values that undermine our ability to be healthy and stay healthy – fairly new external values like trying to be all things to everybody without taking care of ourselves first.

So, examine your beliefs carefully and pay attention to the emotions that pop up with the memories about any of your belief systems.  Use whatever technique you can to shift the beliefs that are no longer serving you.  You can do this!

Next week, we will take a look at Component 2 – Understanding your energy systems and keeping them balanced.


5 Steps to Mastering Your Health

How do you master your health?  What does that mean?  What is health anyways?  A Google search says that it is the state of being free from illness or injury.  The World Health Organization says that “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  Today, we are going to look at probably the most important aspect of complete physical health – your body’s nutrition.

The biggest and hardest first step to mastering your own health is – are you willing to be 100% responsible for your health?  Why do I ask this?  Simply because no one else is living in your skin.  No one else is experiencing your symptoms.  No one else has your unique genetics and no one else has lived your life experiences.  No one – only you!  Therefore, only you are the expert of you!  In truth, that’s the biggest and most important step.

Regardless of your current state of health, the next step to mastery is quite simple and one that most people don’t want to do.  This second step is CHANGE YOUR DIET!  But, “wait, I eat heathy” most people say.  “I have a healthy diet” except I contend that if you are experiencing sypmtoms of some sort – thyroid issues, weight gain, achy joints, unexplained nerve pain that that is not so.   A change in diet has proven over and over again to be most beneficial to the person willing to commit to this.

Changing your diet can simply be taking something out that might be contributing to your symptoms – like dairy for sinus issues or strep infections of the throat and ears.  Or like removing eggs if you have a lot of viral issues like unexplained nerve pain that has no underlying causes that your doctor can detect.  Or like stopping eating wheat which causes so much bloating and inflammation in the gut   I like to ask the question “which type of organism am I hosting  that is also enjoying this wheat – which non-beneficial bacteria or virus is enjoying it so much that my body sets up an inflammatory response to battle their feeding frenzy and to remove the toxins they produce as quickly as possible?”  Or eating less fats – good or bad – to give the liver a chance to rejuvenate and heal and release all those toxins that are stored there for your good.  Are you willing, to take that step of 100% responsibility – the dietary change – in order to master your health?

The third step to mastering your health is learning to pay attention to the signals your body is constantly giving you and not to ignore them.  I don’t know of anyone who has not experienced some bloating after eating something that doesn’t agree with them or having that feeling of needing a nap or, here’s one that you might not be aware of, having heart palpitations or increased heart rate soon after ingesting something that is not right FOR YOU!

Some of these signals might be a plugged nose every morning (for me,dairy), snoring, achy joints (for me, chicken),  stomach bloat (for me, wheat), racing heart (for me, chocolate and refined sugar), nerve pain, cysts, tumours and the list goes on.  Mastering your health means not dismissing these signals as the aging process!  I hear that too often from people that are way, way younger than me.  Pay attention – and pay attention to what you are fueling your body with – the two go hand in hand.

The fourth step to mastering your health is learning how to muscle test – to do Applied Kineseology – so that you can test the foods and supplements you need to improve your overall health and clear up some of your symptoms.  Here is a simple example of this

Don’t be thrown off by the simplicitiy of this – it does work!  Practice it, play with it, test out everything in your cupboards and fridge just for fun!

The fifth step to mastering your health is to realize that this is a journey – one that began with a commitment with yourself – a commitment to be 100% responsible for your health and well-being. Congratulations!


The Age of Illumination!

Woah, here we go!  From the Age of Information (and overload) to the Age of Illumination! What does this mean?  How is it playing out in the world already?   And what does this mean for healing and medicine?

So, illumination means to “shine a light” on something and when you shine a light on something, you see a lot more than what is just on the surface.  Sometimes you see the ugly under-belly, sometimes you see the mis-information or the distractions created to keep your attention on the shiny surface, sometimes you see the beauty that you didn’t see before – until the light was shone.

How is it playing out in the world?  All kinds of confrontation, all kinds of exposure going on, all kinds of institutions be called to change.  So much change happening all at once, so much of the blame-game going on, such big problems that need to be solved that one often feels overwhelmed by it all – disempowered – hopeless – helpless – fearful.

But, we don’t have to slide down that rabbit hole into despair.  And, that’s where healing and the new medicines come in.

What do I mean by “new” medicine?  I mean the “new” medicine like energy healing, sound healing, colour therapy, light therapy, energy psychology, new information on nutrition, new nanotechnologies and so much more.  Lots of these have been around for many, many years but have only begun to emerge as useful and helpful based on scientific research and simple mass consciousness awareness.  We’ve hit the 100th monkey on this, I’m sure.

What I’ve been drawn to is energy, emotional and nutritional healing as an adjunct to the hands-on “normal” techniques I use as a massage therapist.  Why?  because I’ve been asked to go in this way by my clients and, simply, because I have an enquiring mind and endless curiosity as to how healing takes place.   This curiousity takes me into some wonderfully interesting places that I find fun, informative and strange, sometimes.  I am open to exploring the information and applying it against my inner knowing and, then, to share it with anyone who is curious about their own healing process.

I’m drawn to being more in this Age of Illumination – more of a therapist, more of a human being, more of an energetic being.

Listening to a webinar and here is what I’m mult-tasking with: “Watch your thoughts, be here now.   Give all your suffering back to the Universe!  Give it back to a higher vibration and receive the benefits.   Fear that looks like anxiety – breathe and ask Divine Source to fill you with love and give whatever you are anxious about – give back to the Universe.  Give it back and have it transformed into Love and allow Divine Love fill you to the top.  And breathe.”  Simple!  Quit suffering!  It doesn’t look good on us anymore!

The “new” medicines are all about vibration and light.  They are all about shifting the vibrational levels within your cells, within your DNA, within your memory.   Whether it’s nutritional medicine (using the vibration of plants and herbs) – or emotional healing  (using EFT or the Emotion Code or many other modalities) – or energy healing (using sound therapy, light therapy or simply your hands), all these are changing the face of medicine as we know it today.   And, I think it’s about time!    How about you?

I’m thinking the Age of Illumination will be a powerful game-changer on every level – how are you going to illuminate your way?



Sleep, sleep, beautiful sleep!

Did you know that sleep is our God-given right owed to us by the heavens as human beings?  And, did you know that the hours between 10 PM and 2 AM are the “golden” hours where our bodies are healing at an accelerated rate?

It’s the power time when all healing takes place even if you can’t fall asleep.  If you just lay there, quiet your mind, keep your eyes closed and rest, your body will go on a wild healing spree!  If you fall asleep for just a minute, you will still be healing!  Between 10 PM and 2 AM is your God-given right time to heal so use it!

Did you also know that, even if you lay in bed all night without sleeping, there is a part of your brain that is sleeping?  That’s right – a part of the brain is sound asleep while another part is wide awake.  I’ve done this before and the trick is to just simply relax into it.  Stay in bed, keep your eyes closed, mind as quiet as possible and know that it’s ok.  When I get up in the morning after a night like this, I feel strangely rested while knowing that I really didn’t sleep a wink.

Most sleep issues are related to:

  • sluggish, stagnant liver function,
  • neurotoxins  creating a sensitive nervous system and digestive system
  • sluggish, inflamed lymphatic system that creates blockages in our sinuses, throats and lymph nodes
  • old, unresolved viral issues that contribute to the mess
  • adrenal fatigue.

The primary neurotoxin for sleep issues is MSG – which is showing up everywhere as “natural flavouring” (including in organic products).  MSG gets stored in the brain (can be there for years) until it is removed with supplementation and the proper food.  Heavy metals in the body are another neurotoxin and these simply help create a sensitive nervous system anywhere in the body.

If you find that you wake up between 3:30 and 5 AM, your liver might be doing it’s song and dance – twisting and spasming subtly enough to wake you.  Sometimes food moving through your digestive tract can trigger your sensitive nervous system and wake you.  Sometimes you have unresolved issues that keep you awake – then, I’d be calling on the Angel of Sleep so I could tell her all my problems and ask her to help me get some sleep – not kidding!

I won’t leave you hanging without solutions for sleep issues so here we go.

  1. Clean the heavy metals out of your system with Hawaiin Spirulina, Barley Grass Juice Powder, cilantro, wild blueberries and Atlantic Dulse.  Best to use all of these in a day and continue until the heavy metals are completely out of your system.  If you want to know if you are clean, get a hair analysis done.
  2. Avoid MSG like the plague!
  3. Eat the following foods – mangos (magnesium), bananas (tryptophan), cherries ( melatonin), spinach (calcium and magnesium), lettuce (sedative properties from the milk in the stalk), walnuts (tryptophan and melatonin), wild blueberries (heavy metals and MSG removal), cilantro (heavy metals removal)
  4. Take the following supplements:  L-glutamine (MSG removal), melatonin, 5-HTP, magnesium glysonate, passion flower, pharmaGABA, neuromag – Magnesium L-Threonate.

Hope this helps!  Just NEVER, EVER FORGET THE GOLDEN HEALING HOURS OF 10 PM TO 2 AM!!!  All this information comes courtesy of Anthony William’s, the Medical Medium, radio show on Hayhouse Radio.  I’d highly recommend you sign up so you can access the many archived shows he has.   Plus go to his web-site and sign up for the many goodies he has created for your healing journey and don’t forget to check out the many other places where he’s posting information!