Your Body Wants To Talk…Are You Listening?

I’m approaching 60 and it’s not unusual for me to be seen talking to myself.  Sometimes, I even answer myself – out loud!  However, there is a dialogue that I love to keep running all day long – with my body.  I love asking it what it wants.

Why?  Because I see my body as the home for my mind, my heart and my soul and I, also, see all of these parts of me as one big happy family – fully integrated.  However, it’s only my body that gets to move around, see things, feel things, smell things,  hear things and sense things but my mind, heart and soul can contribute to the whole experience of living this life that I am.

We use our minds to learn things, make decisions, gather knowledge, remember, dream of the future.   We use our hearts to love – best to do this unconditionally – to feel connected to others, to experience joy and peace.  Our souls are on this journey we call life for the experience of everything.   Our soul never sees any choice as right or wrong – just as good, better or best – helping us to become wiser as we move along through our lives.

So, here’s where learning how to muscle test (or better yet, call it energy test) your body can make every part of yourself super happy!  There are a lot of videos explaining this on the web but I found these 2 to be the most fun!  If you take the time to watch Dr. Dain explain the process, you, too, can begin to have great conversations with your body!

Imagine the time you could save shopping!  No more need for diets or anyone else telling you what supplements to take!  No more debating which exercise program is best for you!  Your body’s intelligence knows all this already so tap into it and make your life so much simpler!  Decisions done!  Every part of you feeling lighter!   Life becomes more joyous!

Smiling now….no more hard decisions to make…..letting my body do it for me because it contains more knowledge about everything at levels I can’t even comprehend!  So, giving up the mind control and going with the energetic connection to everything.   How about you?


Published by

Lou Kurjata

My passion is helping people bring their whole self back into balance - physically, energetically, nutritionally and emotionally.